Multi Service Provider for Foreigners in Korea

Our goal is to provide any kind of service to foreigners like you who are visiting or would like to visit Korea, by acting as a middle man in your everyday affairs. In so doing, we ensure that you would be provided with an enjoyable stay or business wherever you are. Reach us by filling out the form below, and help will be on its way immediately.

Services Offered

All types of errands, Purchasing, Paperworks, Market Survey, Finding People, Finding Business, Airport Pick-up, Plane Ticket Booking, Moving, Locating a Restaurant, Finding a Hospital, Making and Receiving Phone Calls, Act as Proxy ( family, relative, secretary, CEO), SMS Sending Service, Personal Shopping Assistant, Contract-Signing Proxy, Protest Proxy, Business Negotiator or Middleman, Personal Proxies (education, civil affairs, job application), Personal Driver, Security Service, Caregiver, Babysitter, Tour Guide, Sit-Ins, All Kinds of Helpers, etc

 Terms of Service: Strongly prohibited--requesting sexual-related service.

Notice for Service Fee

Basic Fee 50% : Service starts as soon as 50% of the total payable fee is paid. It is refundable when you cancel within 24 hours except the wiring fee. 24 hrs after the request has been placed and service fee has been sent, the basic fee will not be refundable In case of a delivery service, request for a change in the delivery address must be done within the site to protect both the agency and its clients. Phone calls will not be entertained. Other extra charges, such as delivery and quick service fees are not included We don't take any responsibility if ever a fraud deal has been made outside of this website.  Special Agency will make every effort to give you the best satisfaction to all your service needs.

Application Form
This is a proxy service. Please ask whatever favor you may need by writing in the details of how you wished to be served.
Request Title
Preferred Service / Services
No. of Days needed
Desired Date
Service Time
No. of Proxy / proxies you need
Detailed Request
Service Agency's Commission you can give won
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 For Paypal payments, a 10% paypal service charge willl be added.

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